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Welcome to the SOTA Breathe Better CBD Nasal Spray 500mg.  Our CBD Nasal Spray is an innovative way to deliver CBD meant to help with ache, pains and sinus inflammation. With a pleasant menthol flavor, our nasal spray offers you the fastest and most efficient way to get CBD into your bloodstream and help open up sinus cavities. The quicker the endocannabinoid system is activated, the faster the body can respond to the inflammatory response in our body.


SOTA Nasal Spray goes right to work with its extremely rapid absorption. It includes emollients that help keep your nasal cavity moisturized, your nasal passages open, and may help prevent chronic sinus issues.  Our nasal formulation offers the following benefits:

  • Better absorption resulting in taking lower doses for the same effect.

  • Near-instant sinus opening and more efficient delivery of CBD

  • Nasal CBD Spray offers quicker absorption into the bloodstream

  • Could provide a sustained duration of sinus relief up to 12 hours


Why Take CBD Nasally?

Oral absorption of CBD, on the other hand, can be difficult for people who are sensitive to taste or cannot swallow pills.  Also, when you take CBD pills or swallowed drops through the stomach, the active ingredient must pass through your liver before being absorbed, so the time it takes to get CBD into your system takes longer.  If you are currently taking a CBD oil and not one of our water-soluble CBD products, then you are experiencing what is called called the first pass effect. One of the main jobs of the liver is to break up and metabolize chemicals

in our blood. The blood vessels that are in our stomach and small intestine (where the majority of absorption happens) go directly to the liver for metabolism.  this can slow down and diminishes orally administered CBD OIL considerably, which is why we recommend our water-soluble CBD products over traditional oils.  If you do not like the tinctures, then our Breath Better Nasal product is the next best alternative to absorbing CBD efficiently. 

The nose offers immediate systemic absorption. That means faster and more efficient relief for you.

Numerous studies have shown the advantages of intranasal drug delivery systems. When medicine is delivered in an absorbable form to the nasal mucosa, it is absorbed and transferred directly to the brain via two cranial nerves; the Olfactory Nerve and the Trigeminal Nerve. The nose also has a robust vascular supply that also absorbs and delivers medicines directly to the brain. CBD has been shown to cross the nasal membrane as fast as 30 seconds.


Because coconut oil has been found to be an effective treatment for specific kinds of fungal infections, specifically when it comes to candida strains, it is thought that this anti-fungal property carries over into the world of fungus-triggered-sinusitis. Many studies find that a proliferation of candida could be the underlying cause that leads to sinus congestion. In a study of 210 participants suffering from chronic, long-term, sinusitis, researchers discovered that 96% of nasal swabs tested positive for candida.   Anecdotal evidence and the basic underlying research on the effectiveness of MCT (coconut) oil for nasal congestion into both illness and remedy suggests it works.  

Only Trust High Quality CBD

When you buy our Breathe Better Nasal Spray, you can be confident you’re buying the highest quality, pure pharmaceutical grade CBD because we have partnered with one of the largest growers of hemp and producers of CBD isolate in United States.  

Should you expect vendors to prove what’s in their CBD products? The simple answer is yes!   There are hundreds of companies selling products labeled as CBD. Do they really have CBD in them? Do they have THC? You deserve to know!

SOTA CBD  partners with ProVerde Labs to provide you the results of the highest quality analytic testing in the industry. Our nasal sprays contain exactly what we say they contain, in the amounts we promise, nothing else, and with ZERO THC.

When you purchase Breathe Better Nasal spray from us, you can be reassured our third party testing reaffirms our commitment to exacting quality standards.

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