Did you know that hemp oil does not contain CBD?

CBD oil is an essential oil extracted from the cannabis plant’s flowers and not the seeds. It contains beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. Hemp seed oil, on the other hand, is similar to other seed oils such as corn oil or sesame seed oil and is produced by pressing the plant’s seeds. Hemp oil does not contain CBD or terpenes.

Amazon is allowing sellers to sell Hemp Oil and Hemp Seed Oil and companies are making you think you are getting CBD.  They are making all the same benefit claims as CBD, but there is absolutely no CBD in Hemp Oil. 

Currently, Amazon does not let companies sell CBD oil on their platform.  So buy be aware when buying hemp oil off of Amazon.  It's cheap and there is a reason...If it's too good to be true it

Take a look at one of the products listed on Amazon. 35,000MG of Hemp Oil for pain relief, relaxation, better sleep, all natural, pure extract, vegan friendly. So why is this so gimmicky? Let's break this down:

1) 35,000MG is A LOT if this had CBD in it. The current going rate for CBD with this much CBD in it would be around $3,500! Not $25.99!

2) Hemp Oil for pain relief, relaxation, better sleep...these are all benefits associated with CBD, so to the average consumer, if you see these benefits, hemp oil, and a cheap price you think you are getting a good deal. Marketers are taking complete advantage of the uninformed consumer. Buyer be aware.

3) All natural and vegan friendly. There is a good chance this is all natural, however, many companies mix other oils that are cheaper to make higher margins and have it taste better. Hemp Seed oil does not taste very appealing. Of course it is going to be vegan friendly, as long as it is all hemp seed oil and no other oils are added.

4) Lastly, Pure extract...this is another catchy phrase that brings about confusion. You will often see CBD extract listed on legitimate CBD products, because it is extracted from the flower and not the seed. Pure hemp oil extract in this case is extracted from the seeds, so they can use the term pure extract.

Point to all of this is not to fall victim to these gimmicky products. At SOTA CBD we want to introduce CBD to you the right way, educate you on it benefits and how to identify a good quality product, then ask you to try it. Everyone has an endocannabinoid system, so we know it works for everyone to help put things back into balance...we just don't always know what benefits you will see from using our CBD products. So...stay gimmick free with your CBD.

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