Can CBD Help People With PTSD?

I know that we typically associate PTSD with military and public service, but you can also have PTSD with every day occurrences. First and foremost, I want to thank all military and public services members for their service! I believe we are indebted to you and we cannot thank you enough for all you do to give us the freedoms we have today...So Thank You!! I know that we typically associate PTSD with military and public service, but you can also have PTSD with every day occurrences.

Can you say you cannot think of ONE person in your life that does not deal with stress or anxiety? We live in an era of stress and anxiety. Physical and emotional trauma and disorders are a big part of all of our lives. We are either dealing with this in some form or fashion ourselves, someone in our family, or we know someone close to us. The good news is there is a growing number of alternative options, all natural options, for dealing with our health every day. Here is all you need to know about whether CBD oil helps with symptoms of PTSD.

How can CBD aid mental health?

Mental disorders can be difficult conditions to treat. Each individual is unique and personal experiences combined with genetic predispositions generate an infinite amount of conditions and symptoms. Then you have the anxiety of where to even begin considering treatment options or possible solutions.

Psychotherapy and counseling have traditionally been the primary ways to address PTSD. With the introduction of antidepressant SSRI drugs in the 1980s, this has been the treatment of choice by many. Recently, CBD has become more main stream and acceptable and has shown promise in helping people alleviate symptoms related to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

With better understanding of PTSD today, we are discovering that there are several underlying and/or connected issues in regards to someone's mental health. According to a recently published study, CBD may be an alternative, all natural way, to reduce PTSD symptoms and optimize your mental health in a way that can help you protect and forget, learn to relax, eat healthier, and sleep better.

How did It work?

The study found that administration of oral CBD in addition to routine psychiatric cases was associated with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) reduction. The sample consisted of 11 adult patients diagnosed with PTSD taking either oral capsules of CBD, oral liquid sprays of CBD, or both, once or twice daily based on severity of PSTD symptoms. The mean starting dose of CBD (liquid, capsule, or both) was 33.18 mg, and the mean total dose of CBD prescribed at the 8-week follow-up appointment at the conclusion of the study period was 48.64 mg.

What were the results?

PCL-5 assessments were completed by patients every 4 weeks to monitor changes in the severity of PTSD symptoms. The PCL-5 is a psychometrically sound measure of DSM-5 PTSD. It is valid and reliable, useful in quantifying PTSD symptom severity, and sensitive to change over time in military service members and undergraduate students.

Results showed that after 4 weeks of treatment, 91% of patients reported a decrease in symptoms of PTSD, with mean scores decreasing 21% compared to baseline. After 8 weeks of treaments, 73% of patients reported an addition decrease in symptoms, an average of 9% compared to 4 weeks prior. However, at 8 weeks, 27% of patients did experience a mean increase of 8 in PCL-5 scores. Despite this, over the course of the study, subjects experienced an average decrease in PCL-5 scores of 28%, compared to baseline.

Should YOU try it?

Administration of oral CBD in addition to routine psychiatric care was associated with PTSD symptom reduction in adults with PTSD. CBD also appeared to offer relief in a subset of patients who reported frequent nightmares as a symptom of their PTSD. Additional clinical investigation, including double-blind, placebo-controlled trials, would be necessary to further substantiate the response to CBD that was observed in this study.

Understanding further research will be required to validate the results of this study, as there was no control, or precise dosing regimen, and the study has a very small sample size. However, here at SOTA CBD we believe in introducing CBD to people, educating them on the benefits, and then asking them to try it. Our opinion is that you have nothing to lose, but a months cost of CBD to see if you get any benefit!

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