READING A COA | product analysis

This is the section for product results. This will show the concentration of the solution. Here, you can see:

19.25 mg/ml: In a 500mg bottle, at 19.25 mg/ml, there is actually 577 mg of CBD in the product. This also verifies that there is no THC in this product. Any THC would appear in the analysis. This section is also used to list any other terpenes found in the hemp plant that could be present in the CBD

READING A COA | PLJA testing accreditation

READING A COA | authorizations

READING A COA | basic information

This is standard that is used by the lab to perform the testing. The lab must be certified  to receive the accreditation.

The scientist’s names who tested the samples and reviewed the results. These documents are regulated by the FDA to guarantee the accuracy with a signature.

The top of the section is dedicated to the Lab's certificate ID, the date the material was received, the SOTA Sample ID and the SOTA Lot number. The edibles labeled as drinks is a classification for water soluble CBD products.  


The QR Code prevents companies from modifying the COA.  Pro Verde directly links this QR code to the actual COA that is stored on file with Pro Verde.  This an added feature to prevent fraudulent COA claims.