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In its natural form, CBD is an oil that does not dissolve in water. By breaking down the oil molecules, they can then disperse in water without diminishing the benefits.​

Nano-emulsification is the process of binding a water friendly substance with an oil molecule. In doing so, the substance can disperse in water and appear to dissolve. 

SOTA reduces the size of CBD particles through a specially designed machine. The particles can then mix with an emulsifier and more easily distribute. An emulsifier is a water friendly carrier that will bind to a CBD molecule.

By using this as a method for delivering SOTA CBD, our nano-emulsified products are absorbed at higher rates in the body. This equates to better value because your body will utilize and absorb more of the CBD. Greater absorption means better results with less CBD, the key factor in providing SOTA products with 500mg of CBD in all tinctures.