CLINICAL TRIAL | the abstract

Principal Investigator: Dr. Jennifer Cather

A safety and efficacy study to compare Dapsone dermal gel with vehicle control in patients with acne vulgaris.

Acne is one of the most frequently seen dermatologic diseases.  Originally, Dapsone gel was 5% and required twice daily application. To determine further improvement with patient efficacy and adherence, a higher strength version of Dapsone (7.5% gel) was compared to placebo for acne on the face and trunk. Dapsone 7.5% gel once a day had safety and tolerability data similar to the 5% Dapsone gel. The trial lasted only 12 weeks, with superior efficacy seen among females.

SOTA Formula Consideration Based on Data:

Topical CBD may help treat acne. Traditionally acne therapies have targeted bacteria and the microcomedone. Recently, subclinical inflammation has been discovered even in the normal skin of acne patients.  Therefore, a topical containing anti-inflammatory and comedolytic properties would be helpful. In cultured human skin, CBD was sebostatic, anti-proliferative, and anti-inflammatory.  Topical retinoids target the microcomedone.

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Study dates: 2014