CLINICAL TRIAL | the abstract

Principal Investigator: Dr. Jennifer Cather

A randomized, blinded, vehicle-controlled, dose-finding study of GSK2894512 cream for the treatment of atopic dermatitis.

Two concentrations of GSK2894512 cream (0.5% and 1%) were evaluated as topical treatments for adolescents and adults (12-65) with atopic dermatitis involving 5-35% of their body. Skin clearance and itch reduction were captured, along with safety and tolerability data.

SOTA Formula Consideration Based on Data:

Topical CBD helps treat atopic dermatitis.  For itch during day SOTA calm is ideal and for nagging itch during the night, implement SOTA Sleep. For patients with limited body surface area involvement, a novel topical anti-inflammatory with anti-itch properties would be a welcome addition to current therapeutic options. Learn more about the benefits of SOTA topicals: 5% CBD.

Study dates: 2016-2018