SIP ON THIS | physician facts

Any reputable CBD product should provide 3rd party lab results. ​

SOTA products offer a Certificate of Analysis (COA), performed by a 3rd party lab. 

A COA report confirms the plant species and levels of CBD and THC. It also provides a detailed analysis of other components, including heavy metals, pesticides, and terpenes in every batch (percentages, purity, etc.). ​More importantly, this report can verify that the sourced hemp extract doesn’t exceed the 0.3 percent THC legal threshold. These documents should be readily available from any CBD provider, including retail stores. It is recommended to obtain a 3rd party test to confirm the purity and potency of any CBD product. ​

For SOTA products, you can reference the batch number and QR code on the bottle or box. SOTA COA reports are available for every product on our website. Certificates confirm that the amount of THC in SOTA products is less than .3 percent. Concentrations vary depending on amount of CBD in the bottle, but most readings hover between .02 and .05%.

“ND” (“not detected”) means the amount is so small that the lab equipment cannot detect any amount of THC  in the product.​  What 's on the label, is in the bottle.