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When taking any CBD product, it is important to understand the absorption process in order to maximize the product benefits.

SOTA CBD products are specifically developed for increased potency and faster absorption. Our products contain near THC Free, broad spectrum CBD oil.  In its natural form, all CBD is extracted as oil.

Water soluble CBD does not mean that the CBD is water based. It means that the CBD will dissolve in water and not separate the oil from the water.​ This enables the body to absorb the product more quickly.

SOTA uses a nano-emulsified CBD that uses a patented method to produce CBD that can disperse in water.  This process, breaks the molecule into micro-sized particles. These particles are then mixed with an emulsifier, where they can disperse in a water solution. As a result, SOTA’s water soluble CBD has a higher absorption rate than standard CBD product. This means that more of the CBD is used by your body, providing a greater benefit than standard CBD oil. Additionally, the SOTA CBD oil extraction process does not involve harsh solvents that can degrade beneficial compounds.