Retinol is the word most commonly attributed to all retinol products, but the correct umbrella term is retinoid. This is the family that all the different types belong to and all are derived from Vitamin A. The difference between them is their concentration.

We naturally have retinoic acid in our skin and this form is 'bio-available' meaning it doesn't need to be converted to work in our skin cells. All other retinoids need to be converted by our skin cells once they hit our skin. The concentration of retinoid determines the effectiveness of the skincare products. SOTA restore offers one of the highest concentrations of retinol at 2.5% with little to no skin irritation. 

Disclaimer: Recommended use of SPF products if you are exposed to direct sunlight.

CBD Activation: All SOTA ingredients are all-natural. Our ingredients are intentional and specifically chosen for their proven role. Water-soluble CBD is then added to the formula as a mechanism for faster absorption in the body.